The game S.A.W.Z.E. was developed as a student project during the winter semester 2014 at the Games Academy in Berlin. S.A.W.Z.E. is inspired by the old school arcade legend “Pac-man” and it aims to bring out the hectic and dynamic gameplay into a modern theme with more complex mechanics. The main goal of S.A.W.Z.E. is to add diverse features like collectable power up items or different opponent types, as well as to add level objectives for the player to accomplish, while keeping simple and dynamic gameplay.


In the middle of a scary zombie virus outbreak a new hero rises. Not the classic fast, strong, charismatic, young action hero, who fights his way through Zombie hordes armed with nothing but his pocket knife and can run through walls, but a rather different hero: Major Tomahawk is a retired, old war veteran in a wheelchair, due to an old injury. He lives alone and usually doesn’t favor the company of other people and neither do other people like being in his company.

Nevertheless, when helpless people need his aid in this scary zombie chaos, Major Tomahawk takes the initiative and rises to any challenge, regardless the limits set to him by age and the wheelchair, which constantly has issues with the brakes.

Soon he finds himself protecting a group of survivors and volunteering for the most difficult of tasks.